Against The Grey Squirrel Cull


Last night I was horrified to learn that the government is funding a conservation charity called Red Squirrel South West [1], so that they may cull grey squirrels across the 35 mile area of the North Devon and Somerset coastline that constitutes the northern edges of Exmoor [2]. Red Squirrel South West lists among its aims to lower grey squirrel populations and work on controls for whatever greys remain [3]. The cull is planned in lieu of “contraceptives” – methods of sterilisation aimed towards bringing greys to the “brink of extinction” [4] – being available now.

This news has rendered me feeling horrified, saddened and revolted. So I am writing this now, as an act of anti-cull rebellion.

Red Squirrel South West is revealing conservationist praxis to, yet again, be nothing more than “wildlife management” and an extension of the industrial death machinery of totalitarian-agriculture. Rather than challenge the productive-narratives…

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